Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Offseason, Free Agents, Feeding Frenzy

First off, I have to give kudos to the NFL Players Association and the NFL for the clear language and presentation of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement; hopefully a re-newed agreement can be reached by 2011 to keep the league as fair and competitive as possible.

This offseason has been pretty interesting to say the least. There has been some interesting transactions so far that have the potential to change the competitive landscape going into next season. Here are some of the current activities:

It looks like Tom Brady is on track with his rehabilitation (but who really knows). One thing is clear though, Giselle Bunchen is a fox. Way to go man!


Albert Haynesworth got a great deal from the Redskins regardless of how many years he does end up playing with the 'skins - it is a really good deal for the big fella. I know a lot of people are going to criticize the deal but the reality is that every defense needs a big stopper on defense. It is a prerequisite in today's NFL. Yes, it is a ballooned deal. Yes, it was shamelessly hyped and glorified by all parties involved. Yes, the world economy is in the toilet. Yes! Yes! Yes! But..., the fact remains that he was the best DT available in all the NFL. The real question is how the Titans let the situation deteriorate to the point that Haynesworth was a free agent this year?? They are at fault. If other players have a problem then they need to sit at the table about putting something into a CBA for 2012/2013. Side Note: Jason Taylor just got cut from the 'skins (that needs to be monitored).

J.J. Arrington to the Broncos. I don't know why BUT I really like this deal. I still think Peyton Hillis should get the nod as the #1 once camp starts but I like the possibility of having Hillis, Buckhalter, Arrington and Young in the same backfield. The Stallions could do a lot of damage next season. Expect one of these guys to win out.

Brian Dawkins to the Broncos. Again, another good deal. Yes, he can be very emotional BUT the real value with be in that locker room. He is well respected everywhere. Philadelphia fans should take this as a sign that the Eagles are in rebuilding mode and the owners are delusional if they disagree. McNabb needs to find a way to get on the Vikings; ASAP.

Jon Kitna to the Cowboys. This means Michael Vick is NOT going to the cowboys. It also means that the leash on Tony Romo has just been shortened. Overall, it is a great deal. Kitna brings is just the right mentor for a guy like Tony Romo. He has done it before with Carson Palmer and now he is in a prime position to mentor Romo. He has had consecutive 4,000 yard seasons and he has worked with Roy Williams in the past. Great deal for the hapless Cowboys.

Marvelous Matt Cassel to the Chiefs. Yes, once that nickname carries over remember that you read it here 1st. I got sold on Tyler Thigpen last year after his courageous play down the stretch for the Indians but I would still take Cassel over Thigpen right now. (BTW, I have both guys on my fantasy team so I am still hoping Thigpen gets traded to Tampa Bay but there is a fat chance that will happen this offseason). Chiefs still have a lot of holes to address but I would put them at the 7-9 or 8-8 mark for next season purely on the Cassel acquisition.

Fred Taylor to the Patriots. With Lamont Jordan looking for work with the Cardinals, I would call this a considerable upgrade for the Pats. Even if Brady regresses in his comeback, having Taylor, Morris, Maroney and Ellis-green in the backfield gives the Pats enough balance on offense. Taylor also has the added benefit of being a potential game breaker. I love this deal.

Bucs released Derrick Brooks. INSANE thing to do really but that is their perogative. This means Brooks and Lewis are still on the market right now. I suspect the same teams must be trying to sign both guys. Both bring instant leadership to the locker room. Brooks is suited to the Tampa 2 school of play while Lewis is more of a 3-4 guy. Still, any 3-4 defense that can boast BOTH Brooks and Lewis as the Mikes would be ridiculously stout. I can't wait to see where these guys end up - Baltimore is a possibility (call it "One Last Dance" for all you sentimentalists).

Marvin Harrison released. I can not say I did not see this one coming. It was bound to happen sooner or later. The Manning-Harrison combo was not enough to get over the hump for so many years and, despite finally winning the Lombardi Trophy, Harrison has gotten slowed down by his knee injury (just picture Javon Walker). I still think he's a great player and I do not even want to imagine him as a slot receiver - he woud still be deadly (a la Jerry Rice in his last couple years with the Raiders). I can see him ending up on the....PATRIOTS! That would be the biggest news if it happened.

Lance Moore. Unfortunately, Moore has not played up to 6 years in the league and under the CBA that makes him a restricted free agent. The Saints have offered him money so that means to acquire him a team will have to give up at least a 2nd round pick. He could be a good deal for just about any team out there if they are willing to match/trade. Philly/Arizona/KC/Patriots/Colts could use a guy of this calibre. The Saints seem to be holding out for LaDanian Tomlinson for some odd reason.

Houshmanzilly, Houshurmama...okay, okay. Houshmandzadeh to the Seahawks. This is a weird deal for me. It seems more money driven than anything. I would have thought he would be better suited for the Eagles. All I know is that Housh is on the trading block on my fantasy team next year.

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