Sunday, April 6, 2014

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Just wanted to let you all know that Smashmauf! is still alive and kicking.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ridiculous Article on VY

Check it out!
I follow on Twitter so you can imagine my bewilderment when I came across the below post:

"Goal-line Stand - Argos add Vince Young to "secret" negotiation list"

Now, if you have been following my blog posts you will find in Smashmauf Football that I spoke on the Vince Young situation in Tennessee and how he really should be exploring new options. If the Titans are not willing to give him the minutes to develop into a starting / Franchise QB, then they ought to grant him freedom to pursue other opportunities. I am definitely an advocate for that so imagine reading the above article from theScore's Brad Gagnon. While there have been rumblings in some of my circles about the possibility of Michael Vick playing in the CFL, the thought of Vince Young playing in the CFL (and with the Toronto Argos no less) is mindnumbing.

Hopefully, there is some truth to this article because that's a pretty bold statement to make. I have sent an email to Brad for further info. and I will keep you posted.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Smashmauf! Now on WordPress

1st post on the Smashmauf! forum on Wordpress. It feels so much like providence.

There are currently tons of posts on Blogger: so make sure to follow that as well. 3 big things going on in Toronto right now:

1. The Toronto FC are just putting a quality show out there these days. If you are planning to visit Toronto, definitely make sure to book a ticket to watch one of their games at BMO Field.

2. The Blue Jays are currently in 1st place in the American League for Major League Baseball. It is still pretty early in the season to make a big deal of this happenstance but, there is a good buzz in the city right now. The Jays are a hot ticket right now too.

3. Finally, there's talk that a Hockey team (Coyotes) might be moving to either Hamilton or Toronto. This has the potential to be a polarizing event for the NHL & the Maple Leafs. If it was not for the (always) exciting NHL Playoffs going on right now, this would be a big story in Toronto. For now, all eyes on the Penguins vs. Capitals series. :-)

This being the 1st post on Wordpress, I figure to keep light. Thanks for the read. Make sure to keep track of the progress of Smashmauf! and feel free to share your own opinion. The only rule is: Show some respect.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

He's the MotherF***ing Truth!

Rajon Rondo's performance during these NBA Playoffs (2009) has been nothing short of spectular. He has been Mr. Everything for the Boston Celtics. I always knew Rondo was something special from his collegiate days, and I always thought he was exceptionally great on defense, but there was no way anyone could have envisioned him leading the Celtics in a Playoffs march. Truly spectacular!

Last night though Rondo got some much needed help from "The House". You might remember him from last year's playoff ousting of the Los Angeles Lakers. In the deciding game, House teamed up with Rondo to reek some insane havoc on the unsuspecting, and obviously unprepared, Lakers. The play that especially stands out to me is the one where House hit a 3 pointer, turns to Paul Pierce, and shouts, "I'm the Motherf***ing Truth!!". That had me and my brother going nuts!!! At that moment, it was very obvious that the Celtics were winning no matter what. That is the sort of Swagger House and Rondo provide to the Celtics.

Together, this dynamic duo are right at the heart of the Boston Celtics. Going forward all the contenders/challengers of the Defending Champions need to put these guys at the top of their list. We all know what Pierce, Allen and Davis can do but if you let them free, Rondo and House will get you everytime. You know why??

Because - They - Are - The - Mother - F***ing - Truth!!! (Best believe it now).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

San Antonio Spurs: The End of an Era

With the Spurs losing to the Mavericks late last night, the book might have been slammed shut for this version of the San Antonio Spurs. For the 2nd straight year, the Spurs have struggled in the 2nd half of Playoff games and they have not gotten anything from their bench or the supporting players.

It was a great run.

4 Championships, 4 Conference titles, 7 Divisional Titles and 12 consecutive Playoff appearances since 1997 can definitely take its toll on a professional club. No matter how many times Tim Duncan and the Spurs have defied the odds by overcoming tremedous adversity, there is no way to beat out Father time or the mileage maturity brings.

TD is on the brink of being the greatest basketball player that ever played the game yet you would never know it because of his humility and continued focus on performing at a high-level. Sometimes this leads us erroneously to believe that the Spurs are legitimate contenders every year. But let us be honest with each other, 12years is a long time to run laps on a hardwood day-in day-out.

Really, I had planned to make a tribute to this team for their excellent play and the value they have brought to basketball. For a while the Spurs were the only team in the NBA that promoted the fundamentals of the game. They promoted all the good things: hard-work, dedication, commitment, knowledge, integrity and, competition. The solid foundation for any sport. It only makes sense to recognize what they have meant to the sport of basketball for the past 12 years. However, after watching them lose these last 2 Playoffs, I am convinced there might be 1 last run in these Spurs so I will hold off for another day.

Right now though, the Spurs as we know them today are finished. Tim Duncan, understandably, is no longer able to win a series all by himself. The pressure is too much for him to live up to at this point in his career (and we are all to blame). It is too bad because Tony Parker is in his prime right now. Ginobili is also pretty much on his last leg. The future has been realized for the fantastic trio. So what next?

The Spurs need to blow up their entire roster. Unfortunately, they are not going to win anything with Kurt Thomas, Michael Finley, Bruce Bowen, Drew Gooden, Ime Udoka, Roger Mason, Jacque Vaughn, or Matt Bonner. These guys are done. In the past the Spurs had sparkplugs like Robert Horry, Sean Elliot, Mario Elie, Hedo Turkoglu and, Brent Barry to pick up the slack during the dull moments. These days, the supporting cast leaves way too much to be desired. Drew Gooden and Roger Mason leave so much to be desired that I do not think they should be brought back next season - if possible.

The Spurs might still be able to get a run before TD rides off into the sunset but it will be with a totally new team. This version of the Spurs is worn out, played out and, done. The run is officially over - the Mavs closed the final chapter tonight.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry Mr. Jackson

The Buffalo Bills have signed Dominic Rhodes to a 2 year deal and this can not be good news for Fred Jackson. He, and his agent, have been trying to get a 2 year deal out of the Bills and recently spoke out about their dissatisfaction with the stalemate with the Front Office.

The signing of Rhodes might signal the ending of the relationship between Jackson and the Bills. At 28 years old, in a sport and at a position where turning 30 forecasts decline, the chances of Jackson being able to get a max deal in the NFL is very slim. The fact that the Bills went out and signed Rhodes, who is 30 years old, means that the Bills are already looking ahead for the RB position. They have clearly made their decision and I would not be surprised if they signed a young back this offseason.

Rhodes is nothing more than a seasoned veteran who can fill in nicely as a backup. On the other hand, Jackson is approaching his peak but is relegated to the sidelines. There is no way this is going over well in the Jackson camp.

The Bills are moving on.

Running of the Bulls: Beware of Ben Gordon

There is 1 that you absolutely have to watch out for in the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs and that guy is Mr. Ben Gordon. His feud with the Bulls management before the start of the season is well documented; BG7 needs to be paid what he is worth. That said, considering that Gordon is playing on a 1 year contract, he has probably the most to gain if he shows and improves.

Now here is what you do not know. Something that might not play into your calculations for the Red-faced Bull. Here it goes:

Gordon is probably the most similar play in the NBA today, in terms of production, to the one and only, Reggie Miller.

You might doubt me but I would implore you to go and look at the facts. You do not have to believe me, all you have to do is check the facts and compare both players yourself. In fact, I think that Gordon is off to a better start than Reggie Miller had. Reggie is definitely a lot taller at 6'7 and is widely considered one of the sharpest, most deadliest, shooters in NBA history; however, do not let the exaggerated 6'3 frame of Gordon fool you. Gordon is a career 41.5% 3pt shooter, 43.7% FG shooter, 85.9% FT shooter, averaging 3 Boards, 3 Dimes and, a very cool 18.5 PPG. The only thing that is missing on the 26 year old's resume is that big-time Playoff performance. Enter the 2009 NBA Playoffs.

The Chicago Bulls are matched up against the defending champions, Boston Celtics. Ben Gordon is currently projected as a matchup with Ray "Jesus Shuttlesworth" Allen. The plot could not be any thicker right?


You can bet the family farm that BG7 will be winning that battle and you can take that to the bank. With the series starting today and with the Bulls-Celtics matchup being the Playoff Opener, I fully expect the Bulls to come out ready to shock the world. All they need to do is to split the series in Boston and they would create a buzz so loud that the Blogosphere will be feeding off its tremors for colour. With KG nursing a tender knee and the Celtics missing their biggest dog in the yard, the table is set for a Hero to emerge in this series on both sides. No doubt for the Celtics the Truth will be unleashed but he is the staple. The Celtics have no heros. The only hero left is:


Prepare to be entertained.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Say It Ain't So Johnnie? Say It Ain't So...

We all knew this day was drawing near with each NFL season that passed; however, none of us really wanted to acknowledge the thought. John Madden has been such an icon in the world of sportscasting for the past decade and the face of the Madden Football game series. News of his retirement marks the end of a great run by Madden in the world of professional football.

I can't help but note that the recent passing of Harry Kalas, also 73 years old, probably played a big role in Madden's retirement; and I would not blame him if it did. He has already done so much for the sport. Madden was probably the most simultaneously exciting and educational NFL announcer to ever call a game. Unlike Howard Cosell, Madden is not a polarizing figure at all, he is widely loved and respected by all. Note: Cosell also passed away at age 77. All of these potential parallels had to have weighed on the mind of the Hall of Famer. A man who was so paranoid about travelling by air, he often drove across the country to games via his own bus (Madden Cruiser).

It will be weird not having Madden do the Superbowl next season or any Prime time games but Chris Colinsworth is a very capable replacement. Although, he might not be able to champion the tailgating process or continue the Turducken tradition, Colinsworth is ridiculously entertaining and very opinionated. He is a worthy replacement. Hopefully Troy Aikman's profile will also go up as a result, he has the potential of being the next big play-by-play announcer. The legacy of great announcers is still secure.

Appropriately, I wish Madden the best of luck in his future endeavours and I hope that he continues to be a spokesman for the NFL. Here is to a very illustrious career like none other. Cheers.

Federer Through to 3rd Round

Roger Federer(#2) won his 1st match at the Monte Carlo Master Series yesterday, beating Andreas Seppi (6-4, 6-4) in straight sets. His command of the game continues and definitely should be monitored in this event; being that it is on clay - his surface nemesis.

His chief competition, Raphael Nadal(#1) also won yesterday (6-2, 6-3) over Juan Ignacio Chela. A faceoff of epic proportion is a looming possibility.

Both Federer and Nadal continue their quest today in the 3rd Round of match play.

EPIC Fail! But the show goes on

Alright, what a disaster with my predictions! All the games were fun to watch, a great way to start off the NHL Playoffs though.

Impressive start by the Penguins too; it is easy to overlook the impact of a guy like Marc-Andre Fleury and his 6'2 frame in net. If the Flyers do not get their act in order this will not be much of a series.

The Capitals were the only favorites to lose last night (losing 4-3 to an energized Rangers club). This loss was frankly a stinker for the Capitals, you can fully expect them to bounce back in game 2 or else this series might be over before it even began.

The lesson from my predictions is to leave the scoring/points to the book makers and Vegas. In light of that, the predictions for the Playoffs continue; 3-1 is not a bad start for the games.

Here are my predictions for today's games:

Boston-Canadiens: Gotta go with the Bruins. (Expect the crowd in Boston to show up, that is one thing you can usually bank on)
Columbus-Detroit: (No-brainer) Detroit
Calgary-Chicago: (Another No-brainer) Calgary and my boy, Jarome Iginla

Note: All the 3 underdogs above have losing AWAY GAMES records. That is bad business for the playoffs.

This matchup pits the team with the best HOME GAMES record (Sharks) with a Ducks team that despite being the 8th seed actually played their best AWAY from home. It has to be the spotlight game of the night. My prediction: Ducks will wrangle away Game 1.

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