Thursday, May 7, 2009

He's the MotherF***ing Truth!

Rajon Rondo's performance during these NBA Playoffs (2009) has been nothing short of spectular. He has been Mr. Everything for the Boston Celtics. I always knew Rondo was something special from his collegiate days, and I always thought he was exceptionally great on defense, but there was no way anyone could have envisioned him leading the Celtics in a Playoffs march. Truly spectacular!

Last night though Rondo got some much needed help from "The House". You might remember him from last year's playoff ousting of the Los Angeles Lakers. In the deciding game, House teamed up with Rondo to reek some insane havoc on the unsuspecting, and obviously unprepared, Lakers. The play that especially stands out to me is the one where House hit a 3 pointer, turns to Paul Pierce, and shouts, "I'm the Motherf***ing Truth!!". That had me and my brother going nuts!!! At that moment, it was very obvious that the Celtics were winning no matter what. That is the sort of Swagger House and Rondo provide to the Celtics.

Together, this dynamic duo are right at the heart of the Boston Celtics. Going forward all the contenders/challengers of the Defending Champions need to put these guys at the top of their list. We all know what Pierce, Allen and Davis can do but if you let them free, Rondo and House will get you everytime. You know why??

Because - They - Are - The - Mother - F***ing - Truth!!! (Best believe it now).


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