Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry Mr. Jackson

The Buffalo Bills have signed Dominic Rhodes to a 2 year deal and this can not be good news for Fred Jackson. He, and his agent, have been trying to get a 2 year deal out of the Bills and recently spoke out about their dissatisfaction with the stalemate with the Front Office.

The signing of Rhodes might signal the ending of the relationship between Jackson and the Bills. At 28 years old, in a sport and at a position where turning 30 forecasts decline, the chances of Jackson being able to get a max deal in the NFL is very slim. The fact that the Bills went out and signed Rhodes, who is 30 years old, means that the Bills are already looking ahead for the RB position. They have clearly made their decision and I would not be surprised if they signed a young back this offseason.

Rhodes is nothing more than a seasoned veteran who can fill in nicely as a backup. On the other hand, Jackson is approaching his peak but is relegated to the sidelines. There is no way this is going over well in the Jackson camp.

The Bills are moving on.


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