Friday, April 3, 2009

Joe D. Still The Man in Big D.

There is a reason Joe Dumars has been successful all these years. He makes great decisions at the right time.

The Pistons have announced that Allen Iverson will be shut down for the remainder of the season. This is just a great decision. This does not diminish the Iverson trade any iota because Iverson is a a talent - who would not have wanted to have him on their roster? But whenever an injury comes into the fray that puts a new spin on things. The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that the Pistons are in the middle of a push towards the Playoffs. Always a perennial contender, the last thing the Pistons or Iverson need is any disruption or disturbance to the peace in that locker room. Obviously A.I. wants to play, he is a great player in the final year of his contract and that is what you expect from a great player. If he had continued playing he would not be at a 100% and probably would not get playing time on a good Pistons squad (that has to be a cinderella in the Playoffs). It is a tough decision but Joe D. and the Pistons came through again. There should be no wonder why this team is always in the Playoffs every year. Good leadership always makes it easier to get things done without marginalizing people. I wish A.I. the best and I hope he does not retire. Hopefully he can now focus all his energy on rehabbing his injury (or injuries) and getting back to the A.I. that we all know and love to watch on the hardwood.


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