Friday, April 3, 2009

Smashing Rackets? Federer is having a mini crisis

All you need to see is the picture and you quickly understand that something is afoot here. The sight of Roger Federer with a battered racket is something you can never really grip. This guy has been destroying all challengers with ease, precision and, Tom Brady-like poise that I think it was actually debatable whether or not he was a machine or some kind of android. To see him lose his cool versus Novak Djokovic is a truly profound and shocking. Federer in this match, a 6-3;2-6;3-6 loss, looked frustrated, dejected, confused, angry, sad, excited, and shocked. He pretty much ran through the gamut of emotions in this game and it is a scary development for the former #1 tennis player on the planet.

It seems like Federer is still in great shape (despite being 27) and there does not seem to be any doubt as to whether he can still play at the highest levels of Tennis; no doubt. It does seem however that Federer just does not have his confidence back. This guy lived on making some of the most impossible looking shots on the court look effortless and now it looks like he is trying to find his game again. Seems like recovering from a bout with Mono and having a child is the kryptonite to Mr. Federer's super human abilities. Hopefully Federer can bounce back from this mid-career crisis.


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