Friday, April 3, 2009

Allen Iverson wants to play

I can relate to A.I. on this one. When you are used to playing a lot and hooked on making an impact in every game you play, it is really hard for it to all stop cold turkey (especially if it is due to an injury). It is like an uphill climb trying to fight off the injury especially if it a nagging-type injury like back pain.

I have been there. I went from back pain, to shot ankles and shot knees in a span of 2 years. Each injury becomes harder to rehab than the last one and eventually it becomes like a giant weight hanging on your shoulders. This is further exaggerated if you find yourself on a team that does not quite appreciate the sacrifice, commitment and effort you put in just to get back on the hardwood. No doubt the Pistons are trying to get into the Playoffs this year but you have to wonder how they expect to win once they get there if they do not have a healthy Iverson creating havoc for the opponent. Coach Curry might be shooting himself in the foot here - if Iverson is not ready to go then it is better to just shut the whole thing down and get him back on the trainer's table. The last thing the Pistons want is to marginalize a guy like A.I. who could win you a series or 2. Or else, you risk Iverson contemplating retirement already. And I am with him on that one, it is better to retire than watch all your talent and effort waste away on a team that does not appreciate the value you add to the team.

Hopefully, Curry shuts A.I. down for the rest of the season and give him the minutes when the Playoffs come around. As for A.I., there is nothing left to prove - anytime he decides to retire, he will go down as one of the best to have ever played the game and that is not bad at all.


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