Saturday, April 11, 2009

Federer is playing the Monte Carlo Masters!

As you might have heard by now Roger Federer will be playing the Monte Carlo Masters Series next week (April 13-19th). This is going to be very exciting. After losing to Andy Murray(2x), arch-nemesis Raphael Nadal(1x) and, Novak Djokovic(1x) already this year Federer desperately needs to get a win this year (whether he thinks so or not). It is not going to be an easy tournament; Nadal has been King on clay in recent times. It definitely shapes up for as a potentially dramatic competition because as it sits right now the highest ranked seed in Federer's bracket is Giles Simon(#6). Roddick as of right now is not anywhere in the bracket too. Considering all the 3 guys who have beaten Federer will be competing in this event, it will become increasingly more dramatic as it progresses towards the final stages.

I fully expect Federer to get to the Finals but I suspect he will have to beat Simon, Djokovic(#3) and either Nadal(#1) or Murray(#4) to capture the title. Federer could not ask for a better way to declare his comeback to the young studs looking to uproot him from his status as the main man in Tennis. Let me be the 1st to say, "Go get them Rog!!!"


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