Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NHL Playoffs Skate-Off Tonight

Alright, the Hockey Playoffs are here and it is the most exciting time in the NHL. The only thing that would have made its arrival more special this year is the Toronto Maple Leafs making the Tournament; unfortunately, that appears to be a pipe dream as the Leafs look to be rebuilding.

There has been a carousel of Champions over the years so it is really tough to predict which team will ride a streak into Lord Stanley's Finals however I am willing and ready to attempt to predict the games. (Bear with me).

These are my predictions for tomorrow's games:

Pittsburgh-Philadelphia: (Close-call) Penguins win this in OT, 4-3
Washington-New York:
(No-brainer) Capitals win this, 4-1
Vancouver-St. Louis:
Canucks win this, 3-1
New Jersey-Carolina:
Devils win this 3-2

I am picking all favorites today no doubt. We will see how the series plays out so monitor my predictions and when you win...send mine in the mail.

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