Thursday, April 16, 2009

EPIC Fail! But the show goes on

Alright, what a disaster with my predictions! All the games were fun to watch, a great way to start off the NHL Playoffs though.

Impressive start by the Penguins too; it is easy to overlook the impact of a guy like Marc-Andre Fleury and his 6'2 frame in net. If the Flyers do not get their act in order this will not be much of a series.

The Capitals were the only favorites to lose last night (losing 4-3 to an energized Rangers club). This loss was frankly a stinker for the Capitals, you can fully expect them to bounce back in game 2 or else this series might be over before it even began.

The lesson from my predictions is to leave the scoring/points to the book makers and Vegas. In light of that, the predictions for the Playoffs continue; 3-1 is not a bad start for the games.

Here are my predictions for today's games:

Boston-Canadiens: Gotta go with the Bruins. (Expect the crowd in Boston to show up, that is one thing you can usually bank on)
Columbus-Detroit: (No-brainer) Detroit
Calgary-Chicago: (Another No-brainer) Calgary and my boy, Jarome Iginla

Note: All the 3 underdogs above have losing AWAY GAMES records. That is bad business for the playoffs.

This matchup pits the team with the best HOME GAMES record (Sharks) with a Ducks team that despite being the 8th seed actually played their best AWAY from home. It has to be the spotlight game of the night. My prediction: Ducks will wrangle away Game 1.


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