Saturday, March 7, 2009

Buffalo Forks Bills to T.O.

That is right, all is right again in the Football world. A few days ago Terrell Owens was surprisingly (well I was shocked by the) cut from the Dallas Cowboys despite the large contract ($34 Million for 4 year) deal last year.

Every Joe-Blow-Six-Pack has something negative to say about Terrell Owens and this is very appalling. The guy is an incredible talent and all he does is compete. T.O. has been a fairly good citizen of the sporting world anytime he has been away from the gridiron. For one, he did not go to Cabo with his girlfriend just before the biggest game of his life - Tony Romo did that. T.O. did not drop the crucial passes against the Giants in their last playoff game - Patrick Crayton did that. T.O. did not draw up ridiculously impotent offensive plays versus the Eagles that final regular season game - Jason Garrett did that. T.O. did not leak news to the somewhat suspect Ed Werner - an "unknown" person within the Cowboys organization did that. I can go on and on about this thing. Yes, T.O. can be a loud-mouth. I will even go as far as to call him the ultimate loud-mouth. The guy (thus far) had not seen a juicy story not worth speaking on. He never learnt how to be "diplomatic" in the sporting sense. Yes! Yes! Yes! and Still... the guy is a ridiculous athlete, terrific gamer, uber confident competitor and a future Hall of Famer. You do not get to become any of those things without having discipline - more discipline that most of us who do our best to discredit the more positive things Terrell has offered us over the year.

Well, guess what? T.O. just signed a deal with the Buffalo Bills that is worth a reported $6.5million guaranteed for a year. Automatically, making the AFC East even more competitive. Anyone that thinks this is not a win-win-win situation is delusional. The Bills will more than make a profitable return on their investment - tickets sales definitely will rise next season. The Bills fans will get their popcorns ready because "it's going to be a show". And...T.O. gets paid. The only real losers are the teams who did not act fast enough to sign Terrell Owens. How many teams would now loved to have signed Owens at such a discount price?? The guy is an absolute beast!!

Get your popcorn ready Bills fans because it's going to be a show.


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