Saturday, March 14, 2009

Any Takers for Lance Moore??

What is going on with the NFL? How come there is no heavy demand for Lance Moore right now? It does not make any sense to me; especially considering all the teams that could use a guy like Lance Moore right now.

It is sad to say this (and I know part of it is speculation) but probably the best thing to happen to the Saints last season was the injury to Marques Colston because it allowed for everyone to see just how talented Moore really is on the football field. The Eagles are one team that are in desperate need of a quality receiving corp so it is really shocking that they are not making any move for Moore. Maybe they are holding out for Torry Holt or Quan.

Speaking of Holt, I still think he is a game breaking wideout and it is really interesting waiting to see which team lands his services for the next season. With the OTAs fast approaching, you have to wonder just how long he will be a free agent. (My guess is that he will find a home faster than Quan.) As good as Q is I just do not see how the Cardinals could let him slip past their grasps. No doubt they want to see what is going on with Breaston first before committing to Q for the long-term, but, 3 quality receivers are still better than 2. I digress though...

...back to Lance Moore. Even though he is a restricted free agent right now, I think teams should definitely be trying to acquire him right now while his value is relatively low. The longer they play goose, the higher the price they will have to pay to pursue him at a future date. He has that Wes Welker magic about him right now and he is definitely a safe bet at WR.


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