Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet Jeremy Maclin

A lot of people do not know about Jeremy Maclin, the 20 year old Sophomore (would-be Junior) from Missouri, but they will in a few months. This guy is probably the most dynamic runner since Michael Vick was in the league. I think he is that good.

Look at him on film there is no question that this guy is physically ready to bring his game to the Professional level. One of my theories about Kick/Punt return freaks at the collegiate level is that this is a pretty good indication of how good a ("skilled" - WR/CB/RB/FB/QB/SS) player can be at the next level - e.g. Wes Welker or even Lance Moore - and in the case of Jeremy Maclin, the guy is a pure athletic gem:

This guy is pure speed and explosiveness. I remember watching that Falcons-Vikings OT game where Mike Vick broke out that ridiculous run to win the game and the more video I see of Jeremy Maclin, the more I am convinced that this guy might be just about as close as it gets. He has that rare combination of speed, elusiveness and explosivenss which just confounds the mind. He shoots out of his routes with so much power and decisiveness; his hands are not bad either (he finished last year with 102 catches, a Missouri University record). His combined return TDs are also Missouri Tigers records - 3 Career punt return TDs and 2 Career kick-off return TDs. Did I mention that this guy is only 20 years old?!!

He is currently projected to go in the Top 10 of this year's NFL Draft and I would bet he will be in the Top 5. He is probably the closest thing to a sure thing in the draft pool. The sad (ironic) part is that the Lions have wasted so many picks on WRs in the past and now that there is a bonafide WR in the draft pool, they are going to be too snake-bit to dip in that proverbial jar again. The 8th pick belongs to the Jacksonville Jaguars but I will not be surprised if Maclin is drafted 2nd by the St. Louis Rams - he is just that good. Vick has the added dimension of being a QB (with a ridiculously strong arm) but otherwise, I would put Maclin right there with MV7.

Hopefully, that is where the similarities end. I fully expect Maclin to be one of (if not) the top Rookie for the upcoming season; and with Vick possibly returning next season, it makes for some exciting highlight reels.

Jeremy Maclin. Get familiar.



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