Friday, March 6, 2009

Interesting Perspective from Chris Cooley

Chris Cooley recently posted his opinion of the Jason Taylor incident (JT got released by the Washington Redskins) and it is just brilliant. When the news of the Taylor release came out I was very surprised because it happened after the Haynesworth acquisition. My take (and I am sure a lot of people might have thought the same) was that the acquisition would have made the 'skins' D-Line a formidable one with great run stoppers and an established pass rusher. That in itself makes the Jason Taylor release a strange one for me; and now, C. Cooley's candid interpretation makes it even stranger. I agreed though, JT must have his reasons - they are just strange. Personally, I would workout for 50 days straight if someone agreed to pay me $100 per workout since I am one of the unfortunate many who actually pay someone else to allow me the opportunity to workout. I cannot imagine passing up being paid $12,820 per workout. It makes no sense to me why anyone would pass this up (agreed I am not Jason Taylor).

Check out the post on Chris Cooley's official blog:


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