Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knickerboxers, Ewing and, Van Gundy...

There has to be something to the Stan Van Gundy critic of the NY Knicks over the empty Ewing tributes but Stan needs to tread softly on his argument. While he might as well be 100% correct in his assessment the fact remains that the Knicks can hire anyone they want, whether is Isaiah Thomas or Mike D'Antoni. There is no obligation to hire Ewing as a coach.

I do not believe that Knicks are unwilling to find Ewing a coaching job in NY but I do believe that a head coaching job might be quite a ways away for the ex-player. The NY market continues to be very dynamic and even more critical than Van Gundy or Ewing combined. The D'Antoni hire so far as turned out to be the right choice for the Knicks after enduring the aches and pains of the previous regime.

Besides, why would Ewing want to leave a great situation in Miami to coach a disfunctional Knick team? For a guy who did not win a title during his playing years I would think he would want to work for a winning organization for a change.



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