Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bracket Busters

The 1st round started off yesterday with relatively few surprises. In fact, arguably, the only real surprise of the day was the Michigan upset of Clemson (which deserves the below for the Maize & Blue fans):

There you go Marco.

Today has been anything but tame as the upsets that personify March Madness has officially begun:

Siena upset Ohio St. 74-72 (ruining my "sweet predictions"; I wonder if anyone can possibly predict all the games - if you know anyone that has then point them in my direction);

Wisconsin defeated Florida State 61-59;

and, the biggest upset of all, Wake Forest tanked/bowed out to Cleveland St., 84-69. Damn?!! Let the madness begin.

Noteworthy though: It's weird but Bill Simmons predicted that Cleveland st. would win that game and his reasoning was that teams out of Cleveland are going through noticeable transitions right now (Browns, Cavaliers, etc) so it was not a far stretch that Cleveland St. would upset Wake. Seems like a weird reasoning but hey, it actually happened. Weird.



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