Monday, March 30, 2009

Inspiration comes from everywhere; even from Space.

There is an article on (by Theresa Varley) which tells an inspirational story of a Steelers faithful's (NASA Astronaut Mike Fincke's) support of the Black & Gold from the International Space Station. Yes, Steelers Nation is now officially out of this world. Being someone that is part of the Steelers Nation it is a very proud happenstance indeed and for all the youths out there I hope it is a great source of inspiration.

Fincke, commander of the Expedition 18 crew on the ISS, was able to watch the Steelers run in the Playoffs last season and even got to show his support prior to the AFC Championship game (against the Ravens) with a terrible towel wave from space; an event that has gone over well in Steeler Nation. Thanks to the Carniegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, in association with NASA, local students (and Steelers fans) as well as 2 of the members of the NFL Champion Pittburgh Steelers team, Chris Hoke and Brett Keisel, were able to have a conference with Fincke via video link. An event that no doubt will leave a lasting memory in the minds of all the participants. Here are some of the article's quote of the flabbergasted footballers:


“It was so cool to talk to a guy in the space station,” said Hoke. “When you were in the room you felt like you were there with him. He is a really cool guy. To ask questions and see what every day life like is for him is amazing. I kind of wish I was up there with him right now.”


“It’s amazing that he maybe knows who we are,” said Keisel. “These scientists do so much for everyone’s knowledge. That they know us and appreciate what we do and we can maybe provide some sort of entertainment for him is really neat. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to talk to him.”

“The greatest lesson Mike teaches all of us is to dream big,” said Keisel. “He came here when he was a little kid and dreamt about being an astronaut. He stuck with it. Went to school, did what it took and look where he is today.”

(Quotes from

This is a very truly and inspirational event. In a world of sensationalist news and events, it is great to have one that is worthy of merit. Hopefully, his story can be a source of inspiration for kids who hear about it. A constant reminder that you can chase after your dreams and still have fun living life.


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