Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meet Patrick White:

Just a few days ago, Patrick White stepped into the relative spotlight of the NFL Combine carrying the burden of constant criticism of his arm strength, height "deficiency", QB vision, leadership and ability to play Football at the next level only to completely blow away all the scouts. The unanimous steal of a prospect at the combine this year (in my opinion) has to be, without a doubt, Mr. Patrick White.

So who is Patrick White?

Start by considering his latest body of work from the most recent NFL Scouting Combine at Indianapolis (here is the assessment from The NFL Network):

The guys is a pure specimen and NFL ready right now, whether it is going to be at QB or at RB or at WR; or even on special teams. The guy has all the tools you look for in an athletic QB-slash prospect.

The story of Pat White goes back to his days as an athlete living in Daphne, Alabama. While at Daphne, White was a 2-sport athlete who excelled in both the game of Football and that of Baseball. As a baseball star at Daphne High School, White was a part of 2 State Championship teams in 2001 and 2002. As a Football player he excelled as Scrambling QB rushing for 1905yds and 31 TDs while passing for 1488yds and 15 TDs; he was also 1st string 6A All-State.

As impressive as these accomplishments are Pat White turned down a contract to play from the Anaheim Angels (Major League Baseball) to pursue a football career at West Virginia University where his star has blossomed.

Exhibit A: Pat White's WVU QB Profile

The guy exudes a coolness and level-headedness that really plays well at the professional level. There is no doubt this guy is a consummate Pro.
During his stay at WVU White dominated the NCAA Football arena. His amateur career is nothing short of stellar and the proof is in the pudding (which he fed to opponents every Saturday).

Exhibit B: NCAA Football Accomplishments

6th highest career victories (42 wins vs. 9 losses)
Most Bowl Championships won
Most Rushing Yards by a QB
Most Touchdowns in the Big East Conference
2nd player with 4000+ Rushing yards and 5,000+ Passing yards
2007 Gator Bowl MVP (Defeated an Oklahoma team that had Adrian Peterson)
2008 Fiesta Bowl MVP
2008 Meineke Bowl MVP
2009 Senior Bowl MVP
2009 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award (to the most outstanding Senior QB in College Football - joining the likes of Rodney Peete, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinert and Matt Ryan who have all won the award in the past)

The legend of Pat White continues to grow. Ordinarily it would not even be a question about what White can bring to the NFL as a QB however coaches and scouts are moderately concerned about his 6'1 (most likely 6'0), 192lbs frame and how it will hold up in the NFL. This might drop him down into the 2nd round in the NFL draft coming up a few weeks from now. If that happens he will undoubtedly become a great asset to his employer and I would not be surprised if he ends the next season as the Rookie of the year. I am a firm believer in drafting for talent and with so many teams in need of a quality signal caller, his value might rise even more as we approach draft day.

In closing, here is a final excerpt and interview of White during his Senior run at WVU...

If that does not show potential then there is no such thing as potential. He is a baller.


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