Saturday, February 14, 2009

Matrix: Acquisition

Just when it looked like the Toronto Raptors were in dire straits for the rest of the 08-09 season they showed some spunk/fight by pulling the trigger on a package deal for Shawn "The Matrix" Marion + Marcus Banks; giving up Jermaine O'neal + Jamario Moon in the deal. What a deal!

Marion gives the Raptors the flexibility in their lineup that they desperately needed. It also (possibly) improves their ability to grab rebounds on both the defensive and offensive ends of the court. Banks gives them the depth they desperately need at the guard position; considering the development of Roko Ukic and the ability of AP to play the Point as well. Now, once Calderon comes back, the Raptors will really have a coherent rotation at the guard spots. The move of Moon should also free up space for Kapono within the rotation to solidify himself as that aggressive outside threat the Raps need in order for their roster to function. The obvious downside to this trade is that the team loses the size that J-O was able to at least provide to the frontcourt. As much as the trade frees up CB4 to get more clean touches on the offensive end, it also creates more attention on him as well. Teams will be able to focus more on taking him out of the Raptors game plan; and, it really does put some pressure on Marion to perform right away since he will be the main beneficiary in those situations. The Raptors will have to find a way to bring in another big body into the mix soonest; preferably an athletic big that is also a shot blocker. Without the addition of another big body this new edition Raptor team will not be complete. The guards are unable to create enough defensive pressure so the defense has to be evenly spread. I believe the addition of another big into the mix will give the coaches a group that can be coached up to compete.

Regardless, this is an exciting time again for Raptors fans. Hopefully Mr. Marion welcomes the move up North as his service is very much needed here in Toronto. Also, he has the opportunity to be the catalyst for keeping Bosh here in Toronto now that the team is back on track towards becoming an elite squad in the East Conference of the NBA. All Raptors fans should go and support the team as they rally to make the playoffs this year. What a deal!

- Smashmauf!

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