Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alcohol & Sports Do Not Mix

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of these crazy, alcohol-induced drama that professional athletes get themselves involved with? This is just very disturbing. The latest of these dramas involve the wide receiver (Plaxico Burress) for the New York, football, Giants of the NFL. The dude shot himself in the thigh at a club on Friday! Yes! You heard me right, he shot himself in the thigh! I know some of you will brush it off as a dumb act by one individual but I think this matter ought to carry more weight. I really think the Commissioners of these leagues and professional sport organizations need to come up with some kind of zero tolerance policy on alcohol consumption during the course of the seasons. If you are a baseball player then you should not be drinking alcohol in public during the season. If you are a hockey player the same should go for you; same for a basketball player, football player, soccer player, volleyball, curling, track, every major sport. If the players can not keep themselves out of trouble then the leagues need to separate themselves from such behavior by fining the flawed individuals. No more hand holdings. If you sign a guy to a $35 Million contract and he goes out and pisses it away on liquid courage then I do not think fining him is a problem. If you do not want to get fined, suspended or worse, then do not drink. Just say no. I can not believe Adam "Pacman" Jones has gotten so many chances, now this happens with Plax. Commissioners, please step up!
Deoye, "Smashmauf!"


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