Tuesday, November 11, 2008

O.J. Mayo - Rookie Extraordinaire

If you do not know who this guy is then I suggest you begin to get familiar with the new Juice, I mean, the new O.J. and that's no dressing. Mr. Mayo is the real deal. The kind of athlete that has the ability to transcend the sport of basketball. He has all the qualities in place to really be one of the next generation of stars to have been discovered by the NBA machine.

O.J. has the skills, the poise and the competitiveness to really take things to the next level. 8 games into the season and this guy is putting up 21pts, 5 dimes and 2.4 helpers a game; include his 1.4 thefts a game and 45% shooting and we have the recipe for superstardom. In an off season where Derrick Rose and Micheal Beasley dominated the Draft boards, it is a pleasure to see Mr. O.J. proving everyone wrong.

It is still a bit early to start screaming out ROY! ROY! but, I would keep a keen eye on Mr. Mayo. Served up well as a Grizzly, #32 is the perfect dressing for a squad looking to turn the corner. Watch out world.

To find out more about #32 check out his site: http://www.ojmayoonline.org/ I think you would be impressed.

Deoye "Smashmauf"


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