Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vinsanity Struck Again; Raptors Look to Rebound Versus Celts Today

Last Friday night I was lucky and honoured to be invited to the Raptors vs. Nets game at the ACC downtown Toronto so this was definitely a fun night for me. (Funny enough it was my 1st Raptor game live at the ACC as well). Up by 18points in the 3rd Quarter, the house was electric. For the Raptors Fans (myself included - although I am still a T-Mac Loyalist), the game could not have been going any better. For some reason Coach Franks had Brooks Lopez familiarizing himself with the pine & Mr. Harris was getting in touch with nature through his stomach. I was going nuts in the stands with my friends Lori and Lisa (who just happens to be a ridiculous Anthony Parker fan) - yes, even going as far as heckling Mr. Vince Carter. For us Raptor fans it was a right of passage to boo VC anytime he is in town and on our court. Little did we know it would be downhill from then on.

Starting the 4th quarter, Devin Harris came in like a crazy bat out of hell, sticking the Raps with 17pts in the quarter. I have to say, it was pretty incredible to watch it play out. You could feel the crowd get tense with each bucket he hit in transition. The Raps got too loose with the shot selection and things went awry in a hurry. Before you knew it, it was 111-108 with only a few ticks on the game clock, more than enough time for Vinsanity to stab us with an insane game-tying 3pointer from Middle Earth. The 18 point lead was now like a pipe dream; faded, disappeared like an illusion. The Maple Leaf T-Rex warriors did not fair any better in OT as the team battled neck and neck with NJ right until Vince's reverse alley-oop dunk cemented the victory for the Nets and dropped the Raptors to 6-6; good enough for last place in the Atlantic Division.

Things do not get any easier for the Raps as they face-off against the defending champs/current Atlantic Div. leaders, The Boston Celtics, this afternoon (12:30pm) at the ACC. Raps need to win today to stay above .500 on the season. With upcoming games vs. the Bobcats and the Hawks, every game has to been treated with urgency. Hopefully, the Raps can turn around the Jeckell and Hyde start they have had thus far and start playing Toronto Raptors ball soon. Once February comes around there will be no more room for error. If you are able to get your hands on some tickets, go today and cheer on the team - it should be a thriller.

Deoye aka "Smashmauf"


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