Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LBJ Sweepstakes

It seems like the popular thing these days in hoop universe is the presumed Lebron James sweepstakes that is going in the Basketball world these days. It seems everything is assuming that since The King's contract is running out in 2010 he will be on the earliest flight out of Cleveland the second his contract expires. This just is not true.

The worst of these speculations has the recently crowned King going to, of all teams, the New York Knickerbockers. Some have even gone on to perpetrate the notion that somehow New York is the Basketball Mecca of the world. Give me a *blipping* break! Basketball Mecca?! New York?! Wow! That is just ridiculous. Who in his/her right mind would even consider this to be a truth for every basketball player out there? How many of you think NY would be the best place in the world right now to play basketball? That is just ridiculous. Why would anyone want to play for a team named after pants (see pictured)?? The only player that I can think of that might like the New York idea is our favorite balling Canadian, Mr. Steve "I like Soccer" Nash. He's the main guy that stands to benefit from such a move. He gets re-united with Coach D'Antoni and possibly a rejuvenated Knick team if they are also able to sign any of of these available players: D. Wade, CB4, The Truth, Ray "Shuttlesworth" Allen, RJ, Joey Johnson, T-Mac, Amare "Bam Bam" Stoudemire or the smart choice Dirk Nowitzki. My money is on Dirk Nowitzki bailing out of the nightmare called Mavericks and into a blue and red knickerbocker.

Given that Nash is 34 years young at the moment, the thought of Lebron James being on the same team with a 36 year old white guy from Canada running point just does not make any kind of sense to me. New York is Not the place to go. The only other player that might be attracted to the New York Knicks is Mr. Vincent Carter. This is the team he has always wanted to play on and with the current situation, I can see VC, Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki ending up on the Knick roster in 2010. That's right! I said it 1st! I am almost certain that Lebron will choose to stay in Cleveland and tough it out with the Cavaliers. All the pieces he needs to win a title are currently in place (minus the all-star calibre sidekick). The way Lebron plays, his style is actually more in tune with one of these 3 players: D. Wade, Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire. But given CB4's penchant for big play and strong defense, my money is on LBJ giving his old USA Redeem team buddy, Chris, a call to ask him to join him in Ohio. I like the Toronto Raptors and would rather LBJ come up to play in Toronto than to lose the biggest basketball star Toronto has had (other than "the enemy") but...reality is that as a basketball fan, I would forgive CB4 if he were to go to Cleveland to win a title with Lebron. The other dream scenario would be for LBJ to go to San Antonio and play with TD, TP and Manu! That would be a ridiculous team. The Spurs can afford to make this work if LBJ can take a slight pay cut. The result would be a definite title. I have no doubt that they would win a title in that scenario. Either way, CB4 to Cleveland or LBJ to San Antonio, I think Lebron will finally get to fulfill his legacy. We are all witness right now to his sheer domination of the Association


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