Friday, November 21, 2008

When kicking a Field Goal on 4th and 7 is Atrocious

Sometimes kicking that field goal is the worst thing a coaching staff can do during a game. The Cincinnati Bengals proved that last night when Mr. Marvin Lewis (pictured Head Coach) decided to kick a field goal when down 20 to 7 with 6:49 minutes left in the game as opposed to attempting to get a 1st down and quite possibly a score. It only makes sense to try to win the game when you are right in the redzone in the 4th quarter and down 2 scores.

Here is what the situation breaks down to:
Down 2 possessions (2 touchdowns would give the Bengals the win) with the ball in the Steelers redzone with just a shade under 7 minutes left in the game. Marvin Lewis chose to kick a field goal on 4th and 7 rather than go for the 1st down or possibly a score. To someone not familiar with the pro game this might seem like the right choice - take the score right? The reality as a competitor is that you have to go for the win; no guts no glory. You play to win the game; it is that simple. Kicking a field goal did not change anything because the Bungles were still down 2 scoring possessions. They would still have needed 2 possessions to win the game and that is assuming the Steelers do not score. Also, if you do not get the 1st down, it is the same result as kicking the field goal but you get one benefit - the Steelers start the possession deep in their own zone. The odds of forcing a punt is greatly improved. All logic says go for the win. Try to win the game. By kicking the field goal Marvin Lewis and his coaching staff gave up on the players and the fans. It is not a justifiable offense considering the stance taken on Chad Ocho Cinco for this game (Chad was benched for arguing with the coaching staff over the direction of the offense and the game plans). The Bungles benched him to send a message to the younger guys that you have to be held accountable and you have to be obedient but,...after this game, the real message is that the offense game plan stinks and the coaching staff stinks.

I would be suprised if Chad Ocho Cinco is not in the game plan next week. I would be more surprised if Marvin Lewis keeps his job next season. His and the Bengals' decision today was atrocious and piss poor at best. I would be surprised if changes are not made in the offseason. Very disappointingly, the Bengals did not go for an on-side kick after the score. The Pittsburgh Steeler got the ball and drove all the way down for the go ahead touchdown that sealed the win; using up just over 4 mins of the game clock. Fitzpatrick drove the Bengals down to the redzone again on the next possession but threw a pick in the endzone to Troy Polamalu. The fact is that drive should have been the one for the win if only the Bengals coaches had a little bit more faith in their players. Instead they played to lose and they lost. What a disappointment.


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