Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stempniak, Burke, and Leafs Get Off on the Right Foot!

The Toronto Maple Leafs actually played like an NHL team tonight. I do not know what exactly got into this team tonight but my money is on the excitement over the new President and GM, Brian Burke. Regardless, I was thoroughly impressed with tonight's outing. Normally the Leafs play such an uninspired game that I get disgusted before the 2 period is over but today was different. Today, that physical play was back in the the blue and white. It was a thing of beauty, especially coming against the Flyers. Even Vesa Toskala put in a nice performance. The defense was stingy and gritty. The offense was potent and the checking line was great. About the only thing I did not like today was the play of Niklas Hagman; something about his game just did not sit right with me today. Being that he is one of the older guys on this team, I really expected a lot out of him than he provided tonight and I definitely think if he continues this way he will be on the shortlist of guys that will be shown the door. No doubt the hiring of Burke has inspired me as well, I can not wait to break out the Leaf jersey again!


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