Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leafs and Toskala Roll On, 2-0 Since Burke

Way to go T.O. Maple Leafs! Please keep it rolling. The Leafs are now 2-0 since signing Mr. Burke as the Pres. & GM on Saturday. I thought the 4-2 win over Philly was impressive; this one was just as thrilling. I like the Stempniak acquisition as it is paying dividends right off the bat. This guy has added depth to an already strong line and I hope he can keep it up. The performance by the Leafs these last 2 games has been phenomenal. Granted they have played 2 middle of the road, maybe-playoff-contention, teams in their last outings...but still...these are teams the Leafs should beat. Last night's 3-1 win over the L.A. Kings might just be what this young Leafs team needs to get going in order to reclaim some respect for the blue and white. P.S.: I hate to admit it but I really have to give credit where it is due. Vesa Toskala (pictured) played a heck of a game last night. A heck of a game. He still has a loooong way to go in order to become a consistent performer every game but his 32 saves in L.A. speaks volume. Keep it up!

Deoye "Smashmauf!"


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