Monday, December 29, 2008

Hurry, Push The Easy Button

Just about the only good thing from the Dallas Cowboys this season is pictured above this sentence. If only Superbowl rings are handed out for having sexy cheerleaders.

When the underdog team gets beaten down during the course of the season to the brink of elimination but continues to fight with some seriously intense moxie (you know, "fight until the end; until the fat lady sings" cliches), that is pretty special. Watching the Eagles come out last night with that do-or-die attitude makes you appreciate sports. You want to believe that if you had to put it all on the line to go after that goal, that dream of accomplishment that haunts you while being stuck looking unrelenting adversity in the face, that you will not hesitate but soldier on towards triumph. The Eagles knew what was on the line, they knew this was probably their last dance, one game for all the glory to remind the world of just how dominant this team was at the turn the century. Like in the movie Gladiator when Maximus had to fight that one last fight for honour in the face of sure destruction, the Eagles left nothing on the table last night. Having strong characters, having chemistry and, having a strong community with a shared goal is the recipe for sucess in team sports; having that moxie makes it all come together. The Cowboys have none of these things.

To those that saw the game I am sure you remember this:
4th and inches, Wade Phillips sends in the punting unit only to have Tony Romo waive them off before sneaking his way for a 1st down.

The score was still respectable at that point and you could see how flabbergasted Phillips was on the sidelines. He knew it at that point that the ship was sinking. His decision to punt was not the most attractive decision at that point but, considering the game scores at that moment, it was the absolutely correct decision. Unfortunately, Romo converted on the QB sneak and the mutiny began. Romo took it upon himself to call the plays the rest of the possession and on the ensuing possessions - the result was a complete disaster. Romo definitely cracked under the pressure of the moment in that 3rd Quarter but I think it had more to do with the team as opposed to anything the Eagles did. There was no team. on that 4th down, Romo finally realized what was at stake and that no one else really felt the burden or the pressure of that moment as intensely as he did. He learnt, unfortunately for Cowboys' fans everywhere, there was no hope and he had to fight until the bitter end.

Jerry Jones is absolutely insane if he thinks he has the correct staff in place to win a Superbowl. This team (the offense anyway) has to be blown up. Jason Garrett's incompetence finally rared its ugly head. I am not saying he lacks the ability to coach but I am saying that he lost his team with the whole T.O. fiasco. Nobody trusts Garrett at crunch time on that team anymore. Yes, Phillips can not take over the Offensive play calling AND Defensive play calling yet be effect as a Coach BUT how could he not already know this?? I say Phillips has to be fired, Garrett needs to be gone, Brian Stewart needs to be gone too. T.O. needs to put up or shut up and be released if he performs neither task. Crayton needs to be elevated to the #2 WR spot and Williams needs to be demoted until he can prove he is a veteran WR in the NFL. Barber and Choice should be kept, same as Witten & the Offensive Line. A new O-Line coach is needed. As you can see, the trend here points to poor leadership and management. Jerry Jones will be insane to bring back this staff again next year. Insane! The only thing he needs to bring back without question are those Cheerleaders.

Deoye aka "Smashmauf"


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