Friday, December 12, 2008

The Other T.O.

Oh boy, here we go again. T.O. is calling out another Quarterback. The lastest from Owens is accusation that his QB (Yeah, "that's my QB") was having private sessions with the TE, Jason Witten, in which both guys are drawing up plays for game day. As far as Owens is concerned, these private sessions between Romo and Witten are taking away from his own production on the field and is hurting the Cowboys on game day (witness last weekend's game in the 'burgh). This has caused so much uproar and another controversy in the T.O. vs. his QB saga. Here is my take:

As much as I do not want to side with anyone on this matter, I have to agree with Terrell Owens on this one. He is right in being mad and being frustrated that Jason Witten is getting looks during games while the WR core is struggling (per Cowboys standards) this season to find consistency and rythm. My only qualms with this matter is the way he quit on that pass in Pittsburgh last week; yeah, the Polamalu pick. TP would have probably still ended up with the pick but T.O. did not have to make it easy for him to do so. (His relationship and communication with Owens just degraded further as that game progressed). Otherwise, I think he is justified in his voicing his concerns to the team and Jason Garrett. That is what he should do! I have a problem with this story being leaked outside the locker room to the Media. That is rotten and I would not be surprised if this was done by Tony Romo, Jason Witten or Jason Garrett himself. Regardless, it is a terrible idea; whoever leaked the news does not have the best interest of the team in mind. No news is good news in this case.

Now that this is out in the open, I urge you to go and look at the tapes and review the statistics. Terrell Owens is right. This has nothing to do with yardage, of course Owens will have more yards - he's faster than Witten! Witten is getting most of the looks! In an offense that has Terrell Owens lined up opposite Roy E. Williams and Patrick Crayton as the 3WR, there is no justification for being so narrow minded as to force feed Witten. Listen, I get it. A QB is only as good as his check down reads are good and Romo has Witten and Barber to check down to whenever plays break down. That is a hell of a cushion for a QB. Knowing that you can always dump the ball down to Witten or Barber whenever you are not sure about the coverage has to help Romo sleep at night. Regardless, you cannot win the Superbowl if you are unable to stretch the field (Just review the Ravens-Giants Superbowl if you have any doubt). Romo (pictured with Owens) HAS to find a way to get Owens and Williams more involved in the offense more frequently. Witten and Barber are added bonuses but not the pride of the receiving corp. The Cowboys offense will become solid once they get that vertical game going again. The fact that Romo could not attack the Steelers secondary (despite the Steelers #1 ranking) speaks volumes. I know the Steelers are ranked #1 but I think that has more to do with limiting opponent possessions than creating take aways. For a highly potent offense like the Cowboys not to attack that secondary is a travesty. Deshea Townshend making that pick on a pass from Romo to Witten is no mistake. Shea was not lining up next to Owens (no way!) and definitely not lining up next to Willaims (not happening!)...BUT, he has the experience and skills to line up against Witten in a zone scheme; especially the Zone Blitz scheme the Steelers run. His being in position to make that pick was by no means a fluke but more by design. That match-up favors the Steelers. You know which one does not? Williams vs. Gay, even Owens vs. Ike Taylor. Trust me, those guys had help over the top for a reason and Romo should have at least tried to exploit that. All his picks last week were on equally dumb plays that were not attacking the Secondary. There is trouble in Big D for sure. Jason Garrett needs to address this if they are going to impose their will on opponents for the rest of the season. Romo needs to continue play with abandonment as his reputation has become and not try to be some calculated mastermind. Just play ball and use ALL the talent around you.
Deoye aka "Smashmauf"


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