Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Maryland Terps v. Nevada Wolf Packs

This looks like it would be a fun game to watch just based on the sheer unpredictability of this game. Maryland really should dominate this game and put up a lot of points to shut up the naysayers however they are also the same team that lost to Middle Tennessee State. It is pretty crazy. Maryland also plays in the ACC while Nevada plays in the WAC conference so the advantage seems to go to Maryland but again, they lost to Middle Tennessee State. Maryland beat 4 out of 5 ranked opponents while Nevada did not beat any ranked opponents this year; still, Maryland lost to Middle Tennessee State! You get the drift here. Nevada will be highly motivated to win this game and Maryland has the highest odds of any Bowl team to come out flat BUT...I like the potential Maryland has to blow this game out of the water. My best assessment is that the Terps take this one tonight. Hope I can see this game tonight.
The only other fun game tonight involves Oklahoma State vs. Oregon. Oregon plays in that beast of a conference called the Pac-10 however Oklahoma went 1 out of 4 versus ranked programs this year with the 3 losses coming against the top 3 ranked teams. I think Kendall Hunter will dominate tonight and Zach Robinson and Dez Bryant will work that play-action game . Oklahoma should take wrap this game up latest early 4th Quarter.
- Deoye


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