Monday, January 5, 2009

Raptors are Rolling Guys!

The Raptors must have read my blog or something because they seem to have gotten the message. The last 2 games (Granted home games) they have been very stellar. More games like this and I am ready to jump on the bandwagon. The Eastern Conference is going to be really competitive down the stretch and the Raps have already dug a deep hole for themselves but...if they keep playing like they are, the sky is the limit.

A couple things to note though: a, It is doubtful that AP can keep up the good play but I know he's a fan favorite around here so there is always a possibility; b, The Raps are winning the rebounding battles! This is absolutely essential down the stretch. It was great to see the team making an effort to attack those boards (honestly it makes a huge difference in being a premier team vs. lottery team); c, Bargnani is attacking the game! This guy needs to show up every game going forward because it makes the Toronto Bigs ridiculously tough for opponents. Teams will have to start game planning for him which will take stress off the rest of the team. d; Roko Ukic is finding his NBA game.

The only sort-of-downer in this 2-game winning streak is Jamario Moon. If he really attacks the boards and turns up his defense, he can really make a name for himself in the league as a stopper the likes of Bruce Bowen - only, he is more athletic that Bowen so he has more upside.

Go Raps tonight. This game should be a good fight. Hopefully they make short work of the Bucks in time to catch the Fiesta Bowl tonight.


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